Canal Biographies (A-F)

The following are biographies and/or genealogies of those who were officially connected to Indiana’s canals, worked on them or had businesses related to them.

Click on highlighted names to learn more about those canawlers.

Name Find A Grave Canal Business
Armitage, Valerius N/A  W&E Contactor – FTW Feeder Dam / Delphi
Atcheson, David  109068689  Annapolis / Coke Oven Pottery / Canal Shipper
Aveline, Francis 19635459 W&E Contractor – Sylvan Lake / FTW Hotel
Babbs, Noah Rising Sun, IN Miami Canal worker 1825-28 Hamilton Co OH
Backus, Abner 145406689 W&E Ohio Portion Civil Engineer – Toledo
Bailey, Callum Jr. 34048788  Toll Collector – Terre Haute
Baker, Andrew 84552589  Canal Contractor / Boater / Mill – Parke Co
Ball, Cyrus 19310031  Toll Collector – Lafayette 1840
Ball, Owen 112053107  W&E Contractor – Lafayette
Ball, William 15565881 Resident Engineer W&E S. Div. Terre Haute
Banes, Jonathan 41720996  WW Superintendent – Metamora
Barlow, Jirah 11654783  W&E Toll Collector – Lagro
Barton, Gaylord G. 30553586 Board of Trustees W&E Canal / Washington IN
Bayless, Lott 159055338 Board of Trustees W&E Canal / Allen Co IN
Beach, Silas C. 26334843  Traveler -Allegheny Portage RR / Vigo Co IN
Beadle, W. H. H. 5993484  Capt 31st Ind Inf / Lived near Howard IN
Beard, John 21273614  IN Senate – Supporter W&E- Crawfordsville
Bechtol, Charles 73729359  W&E Canal Worker – Huntington
Bennett, Oliver 70694177   Store Owner on O&E Canal – Navarre OH
Benson, Erastus 74490971  Canal Warehouse/Montezuma Basin/Wabash Ferry
Bird, Oehmig 53317426  State & Local Politician – W&E Canal Superv
Blee Family 82850335  History of Home & Family Aboite Twp FTW
Boden, Augustus 35342081  Boatman -“The Swan” to Miami 1843
Bolinger, George Washington 35342081  Boatbuilder – FTW & Roanoke
Bowsher, Joseph 23504593  Built Gristmill – Sugar Creek
Bradfield, Thomas 34570685  W&E Canal Contractor – Logansport
Britton, Richard 27283392  W&E Canal Contractor – Peru “Old Dickey”
Brown, John 111984610  Stonemason / Canal House FTW
Brown, Norman 41412578  Worker – Erie / O&E / W&E / Attica IN
Burns, Joseph 82000881  Resident Montezuma owned Burns Ferry
Byers, Zachariah 160007713  Owner Rockport Mills – Shipper W&E
Campbell, John Tenbrook 81585288  Canal Construction detailed in 1907 article
Cannon, Joe 10158 8 yrs Speaker of US House /Annapolis IN /Danville IL
Carpenter, Willard 15035200  Evansville Canal & Railroad / Willard Library
Carter, Chauncy 34643135 Super. W&E Canal – Miami Co
Carter, J. Newlin 34143206  Shipped – W&E- Parke Co
Carter, Thomas 26671300  W&E Contractor/Stone Quarry/Foundry Hollow
Case, Reed 36550593  Contractor Canal in Carroll Co /Businessman
Christman, Nicholas 97570300  FTW Driver on W&E Canal / Farmer – Yoder
Cissna, Robert 38815946  Mill Operator – Wabash – Lock 16
Cockrum, William Monroe 25646857  Warehouse at Dongola / Pork Packers
Coe, Isaac 45907990  Physician / Fund Commissioner / Fraud
Coffin, William Gaston  140602395  W&E Shipper / Sugar Creek Foundry / Lawyer
Coleman, Thomas 7847651  Driver O&E / Whse Lagro/ Banker Lafayette
Columbia, Dana 65039950  FTW Boat Captain – moved to Junction OH
Comparet, Charles 61369470  Recollections of Early FTW canal events
Comparet, David 16165326  Committee 1843 Celebration FTW – Whse
Comparet, Francis 82870608  Boat Builder / Canal Basin / Hotel /Mill
Comstock, Charles 15099208  Contractor W&E / Boat Builder / Roanoke
Conklin, Benjamin 96313132  Cambridge City / Mill / Hagerstown Canal
Conner, Samuel 7888027  W&E Canal Contractor – Parke Co
Conover, Aaron 36070826 Early Canal history -Terre Haute
Conwell, Abraham 136063024  Connersville resident – Canal Events
Conwell, James 47105183  Laurel resident / Minister / Canal Promoter
Cook, Henry N/A Cincinnati – boat driver Miamia & Erie
Cooper, William N/A  Worked on W&E Canal – Fountain Co
Cotton, William 101834492  Whitewater Canal worker – Connersville
Cunningham, John 53664535  Contractor Battle Ground W&E Canal
Darby, Joseph 52589707  Worker Central Canal / Miami Co later
Davis, George Dutch 131695601  Canal Boat Captain – W&E Canal – Toledo
Davis, Oliver Perry 67607468  Parke Co Businessman / Wabash Ferry owner
Deardorff, Robert 96441307  Worked on O & E Canal moved to Lafayette
DePuy, John 39839440  Physician – Lagro / Wabash
Digby, William 19243643  1825 founded Lafayette IN / Marque Lafayette
Dodson, Samuel 35277032  W&E Contractor on Summit at Riley
Dole, William 117538872  Partner William Kile at Clinton Locks Parke
Donaldson, Walter 75800473  Parke Co Judge / Co commisioner / Rockville
Douglass, William 34645585  W&E canal boat operator – Logansport
Dowling,Thomas 15565889 Board of Trustees W&E Canal – Terre Haute
Downing, Andrew Green Co.  Richland Iron Furnace Bloomfield Greene Co
Driscoll, Daniel 36496453  Canal Worker Lagro & Wabash Co
Drover, Henry F. 67808914  Huntington (Drovertown)Canal Boat & Business
Dunn, David M. 54816201 Board of Trustees W&E Canal
Dunn, George 7782648  Lawrenceburg Congressman/RR promoter/ IN Treas
Edgerton, Alfred 7116871  FtW land/canal & RR promotor Politician
Edmonston, Benjamin Haysville Farm Board of Trustees W&E Canal
Edsall, Samuel 65597973  Part-Owner/ Rudisell saw mill & Orff grist mill FtW
Edsall, William 19662399  Surveyor/ Contractor W&E Ft Wayne/ Businessman
Elward, James 36497610  Lagro – hauled stone , farmer
Embree, Elisha 7779398  Princeton Judge/lawyer /politician plat Port Gibson
English, Robert 36497778  Huntington Patent Waste Gate / Carrollton Bridge
Fairfield, Asa 83729545  Canal Boat Captain – W&E Canal – Ft Wayne “Indiana”
Farquhar, John 7666403 Asst. Surveyor WW canal / Richmond Brookville canal
Finney Family Annapolis Parke-Co.
Fisher, Stearns 38833982 Super. W&E Canal – Wabash Co
Fitch, Nathaniel 47218593  Canal Worker / married Sarah Delong Allen Co
Fleming, William 54404231 1876 Purchase W&E Lafayette- State Ln
Fletcher, Calvin 19836853  Indianapolis politician / Visit along W&E Canal
Ford, Gayle 96594588  Capt. The Patriot 1st to Connersville
Forrer, Samuel 98766074  Ohio Canal Contractor/Commissioner/IN Contractor
Frybarger, George 96106591  Connersville Businessman, Banker, Postmaster