Canal Biographies (N-Z)

The following are biographies and/or genealogies of those who were officially connected to Indiana’s canals, worked on them or had businesses related to them.

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NameFind A GraveCanal Business
Newman, John40027485Board of Trustees W&E Canal- Wayne Co.  IN St Treas.
Nofsinger, William (Revisited)45981747Board of Trustees W&E Canal
Nye, Pearl R191194198Ohio Boatman and Songwriter
O’Brien, Dennis82995179Allen Co. / W&E Canal worker & Boatman
O’Brien, Patrick71855088Wabash – W&E Superintendent & Paymaster
Olin, Townsend35441830Canal Worker Central Canal – Evansville 1836-38
Orff, John82817896Mill Owner in Ft. Wayne / Notary for IN
Palmer, Nathan Billings10402874IN State Treas./ Fund Comm.
Parker, Samuel Wilson “Judge”N/A (Private Cemetery at Elmhurst)Second President of Whitewater Canal/US Representative
Paterson, Chambers15748749Armiesburg mill owner / Judge Vigo Co
Peters, John Claus63606010Fort Wayne  Sawmill on basin / Carol Lombard’s GF
Puett, AustinN/ABoard of Trustees W&E Canal
Putnam, Harvey81733979Fort Wayne, Canal Boat Captain, City Councilman
Quantrill, William5556FTW Teacher, Missouri Border guerilla leader
Rader, Jennie BrownN/AMemoirs of Huntington & Roanoke Canal times
Ray, James Brown11179IN Governor Feb 1825 – Dec 1831
Rayl, Franklin30008822Foundry Operator Sugar Creek Parke Co.
Reagan, Michael D.68893643Worker Whitewater Canal – Lawrenceburg
Redford, Frank179081760Coke Hollow on Sugar Creek – Parke Co.
Reemer, William9719821Allen Co Farmer – Remembers Canal Times
Rice, Thomas126776949IN House / Speech on Canal – Soldiers to CW
Richards, CalebTuscola CemeteryMontezuma Constable, Stage owner
Ridgway, Jospeh Jr.19982769W&E Engineer FTW Summit
Roberson, William N.N/AContractor Central Canal- Madison Co
Roche, John71867245Canal Worker Wabash Co.
Rockhill, William7116987Canal Contractor – Allen Co, businessman
Roberts Willam N46003265Central Canal Contractor
Ropa, William51553710Ft. Wayne Canal Boat Captain
Rothrock, Zachariah7968249Boat Builder Carroll Co.
Rowley, Nathan89359366Evansville Canal Politician & Canal Contractor
Rumsey, Philo81592124Manager of the Rockhill House – FT Wayne
Russell, Andrew81307897Wheat shipper W&E – Armiesburg Parke Co
Salsberry Daniel SN/AWorker on Cross Cut
Sample, Henry57270060Hog Slaughtering in LaFayette on W&E
Sanger, David III18767819Canal Contractor – Fox River Aqueduat Ottawa IL
Sanger, Lorenzo48921168Contractor – Beaver & Erie / llinois & Michigan
Sasse, TheodoreN/AGibson Co- Tobacco Shipper
Saxe, Johann ‘John’ Jacob 53665642  Canal boat freighter/trader
Saylor, Ulerick Sr.98487682W&E Locktender Lock 1 – Indiana St Line
Schmidt, Frank132113649Canal Boatman Vigo Co businessman official
Schwegmann, Herman52008166Cook on W&E State Boat
Scott, Lucius60343992Vigo Lawyer / Legislator – founder of Lamasco Vand Co.
Sell, Sarah169101631Cambridge City _ Boat Cook married Val Sells
Sell, Valentine170717038Whitewater Boat Captain – See Vinton
Semans, John B.70936600Lafayette newspaper publisher
Shanahan, Michael114690494Wabash Co – Canal work foreman timekeeper
Shank, John136932887Assistant Engineer Whitewater Canal
Sherwood, Marcus82145956Evansville Contractor & Politician
Shirk, David113364178Operated saw mill on Montezuma Benson Basin
Shoup, GeorgeBochim/ Franklin CoLaurel / Legislator / buys Central Canal / married J Conwell
Shrode, Hudson M.47497694Warrick Co – Worked on Central Canal – Evansville
Sloan, Joseph25310050Covinton Merchant and Postmaster
Smith, Dennison108555300Toldedo Area – Freight Forwarding business
Smythe, Thomas118050303Warrick Co. Boat Captain / Superintendant
Spooner, Lysander18821908Claim founder of Gilead in OH / abolitionist
Stacey, JedidiahN/AMontezuma grain shipper on W&E
Stapp, Milton41812673Madison politician / Finance Board of State Canal Commission
Starkey, JohnN/AWorker on W&E near Lafayette
Steedman, James5893560Canal Contractor / Union General – Toledo Waterville
Stedman, William H.185194463Captain on Wabash & Erie Canal
Stitt, Archibald47477323Huntington Canal Contractor / Treasurer Wabash Co.
Stopher, John & Christopher97603195Lived in Roanoke and upper Wabash
Stuart, Robert37711653Covington Canal contractor – Fountain Co.
Stuenkle, Henry99094125Worked on Erie Canal / moved to Gibson Co farmer
Sturgis, Solomon6159570Contractor in Gibson Co with Hosmer & Forrer
Swaim, Riley103065931Annapolis IN / made carts for W&E workers
Taylor, Silas15390276Worker W&E at Clinton Locks – Parke Co
Thomas, Norbourn44535110Salt Well & Shipper on W&E – Fountain Co
Thompson, Itha Meril131431160Worked on a W&E Canal boat – Delphi-Lafayette
Tipton, John8349Indian Agent / US Senator
Torbert, Simpson141573918Chief Engineer – Whitewater Canal / Eastern Canal work
Tousey, Omer87672081Lawrenceburg Banker
Tower, Benjamin70788633Contractor -Gronauer Lock rebuild
Vanlandingham, John79141365Operated ferry boat near Montezuma
VanSlyke, Peter11783632Early Settler of Greene County
Viberg, Conrad38933007Roanoke Hotel oner & Huntington Co farmer
Vigus, Jordan41207739Canal Com. / Mayor Logansport
Vinton, Elbridge167554271Innkeeper Cambridge City
Wallace, David79566th IN Governor/ Congressman
Waterman, Richard61967454Physician, Lodi / Newspaper / Capt. Civil War
Watkins, JohnN/AMontezuma Blacksmith
Welch, John 39439102Coke Hollow on Sugar Creek – Parke Co
Wheelock, Elbridge50323877Physician, W&E Canal
Whitcomb, James79578th IN Governor / Lawyer
White, Albert Smith9187US Senator Congressman
Wilcox, Elias Crane 54223544Clerk of the Court for Fountain County
Wilhelm, Jacob108453142WW Canal Worker – Dearborn Co Lawrenceburg
Williams, Jesse Lynch20495966Chief Engineer – Indiana Canals
Wilson, James S.34902916Logansport Canal Boat Captain
Wilson, Jane L.N/AOwner of Montezuma “Phoenix House”
Wilson, Lazarus Brown39931298Canal Engineer / War 1812
Wilson, Thomas H.34902977Logansport Warehouse & forwarder
Wines, Marshall81258821W&E Canal Contractor
Wolf, Adolphus58944711W&E Canal Worker – New Haven
Wright, Joseph394210th IN Governor / Lawyer
Yandes, Daniel46054827Canal Commissioner
Yeakel, David T30164733Built Canal Boatman’s Infirmary