Canal Videos

Canal Videos

Indiana’s Canal Heritage

Central Canal

Madison County

by County Historian Stephen Jackson

Wabash & Erie Canal

Where the Frogs Their Vigil Keep

Wabash & Erie Canal from Toledo OH
Produced in 1994, this video covers the canal from Toledo OH to Lafayette IN starting in Summit City, Fort Wayne.

Indiana Counties

Ohio Counties

Greene County

Part 1: White River Slackwater Locks (Lock 59)
Part 2: Newberry Dam (White River) & Lock

Gibson County

Episode 1: Welcome to Gibson Co.
Episode 2: Town of Dongola
Episode 3: Northern Gibson County
Episode 4: Francisco through the Deep Cut.
Episode 5: Pigeon Reservoir, Port Gibson down to Lock 70
Episode 6: I69 to the Warrick County Line – Smith Fork Culvert, Lock 71 & Road Bridge 156

Whitewater Canal

Indiana Counties

Ohio County

Franklin County

Twin Locks (No. 22 & 23)

Demonstrative Videos

Locking Through

Key Dates:

Wabash & Erie
Indiana Historical

Mileage by Location:
Cincinnati & Whitewater

W&E Structures by County:

Misc. Data

1828 – 1836 Canal Commissioners
1836-1847 Canal Commissioners
1832- 1844 Fund Commissioners
1847- 1876 W&E Trust Commissioners
Canal Era Governors

Canal Building Attempts

Erie & Michigan Canal 1836-1839

(7 miles / 110 planned)

Authorized by the 1836 Internal Improvement Bill, only the Northport feed reservoir (Sylvan Lake) and a few miles nearby were constructed.  Work stopped in 1839.

Courtesy of Carroll County Wabash & Erie Canal, Inc. Illustrated by Terry Lacy, researched by Tom Castaldi.