Canal Videos

Canal Videos

Indiana’s Canal Heritage

Wabash & Erie Canal

Indiana Counties

Ohio Counties

Greene County

Part 1: White River Slackwater Locks (Lock 59)
Part 2: Newberry Dam (White River) & Lock

Gibson County

Episode 1: Welcome to Gibson Co.
Episode 2: Town of Dongola
Episode 3: Northern Gibson County
Episode 4: Francisco through the Deep Cut.
Episode 5: Pigeon Reservoir, Port Gibson down to Lock 70
Episode 6: I69 to the Warrick County Line – Smith Fork Culvert, Lock 71 & Road Bridge 156

Demonstrative Videos

Locking Through

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Wabash & Erie
Indiana Historical

Mileage by Location:
Cincinnati & Whitewater

W&E Structures by County:

Misc. Data

1828 – 1836 Canal Commissioners
1836-1847 Canal Commissioners
1832- 1844 Fund Commissioners
1847- 1876 W&E Trust Commissioners
Canal Era Governors

Canal Building Attempts

Erie & Michigan Canal 1836-1839

(7 miles / 110 planned)

Authorized by the 1836 Internal Improvement Bill, only the Northport feed reservoir (Sylvan Lake) and a few miles nearby were constructed.  Work stopped in 1839.

Courtesy of Carroll County Wabash & Erie Canal, Inc. Illustrated by Terry Lacy, researched by Tom Castaldi.