Canal Biographies (G-M)

The following are biographies and/or genealogies of those who were officially connected to Indiana’s canals, worked on them or had businesses related to them.

Click on bold names to learn more about those canawlers.


Name Find A Grave Canal Business
Garfield, James N/A
Goethals, George Washington 399
Gordon, James 19982774
Gordon, Mahlon 41755827
Graham, A. E. N/A
Guard, David N/A
Hager, Jacob 15565900 Chief Clerk W&E Terre Haute
Hamman, Christopher 44964396
Haney, William 34775299
Hanna, Samuel 7117129 Canal Commissioner
Harris, Horatio J. 77175141
Harris, Persius 73459605
Harrison, William Henry 452
Hedekin, Michael N/A
Henton, Rachael N/A
Heron, James 101501680
Hill, Samuel Denny 76588876
Hinton, James Sidney 7183765 Last Board of Trustees W&E Canal
Hoagland, Pliny 16170465
Hogan, Michael 36539212
Holman, Solomon 132928555
Holladay Brothers N/A
Houser, James A. N/A
Hudson, Benjamin N/A
Hudson, Robert 6733445
Hughes, Morris N/A
Hurd, Joseph C. 106477741
Jocelyn, Augustus 95065341
Jones, Clem Aquilla 22759377
Jones, Daniel Amasa N/A
Kellogg, Elizabeth Ann N/A
Lee, Alexander Annapolis Pottery N/A
Jones, Lemuel G. N/A
Kendall, Enion 9280561
Kile, Wiliam N/A
Kilgore, David 7185108
Kiser, Peter 44939945
Lewis, Samuel 55425418
Lake, Josepheus N/A
Linton, William C. 15565867
Logan, Robert 41674138
Long, Elisha 154154869 Canal Commisoner
Longworth, Nicholas 18989969
Lotz, Henry 16169766 Contract St Marys A 3rd Mayor FTW
Lovall, Samuel 120370749
Lucas, Ebenezer 20194965
Manwarring, Robert West Union N/A  
Maris, John & Zimri N/A
Martin, Mary Hassett N/A Captain
McCarty, Nicholas 8381692 Canal Fund Commissioner
McClure, Nelson N/A
McCulloch, Hugh 6661898 FTW Banker / US Sec. Treasury
McCune, Alexander N/A
McIntyre, William N/A
McKahan, Daniel 39875388
McMannomy, John 22149282 Canal Contractor – Fountain Co
McMannomy, James 22149100 Canal Contractor – Fountain Co
McRoberts, David 59155322
Maxwell, David H. 28858083 Canal Commisoner
Meeker, Minor 49922863
Meyer, Diedrich 34879676
Meyer, Frederick J. 62201984
Meyer, Frederick G. 75772918
Meyer, William 19298497
Milligan, Lambdin P. N/A
Minesinger, John 37038230
Moore, Henry C. 132460241
Morgan, Goodlet 116650667
Morgan, Oliver P. 36037815 Toll Collector & 2nd Mayor FTW
Murray, Elias N/A
Mushett, James N/A
Myers, Peter 15309091